News update: on all sorts of stuff

I’m still working on book 3- an illness I had about a month ago did set me back a bit-so hopefully now I’ll finally get on track. The ablution web comic also started up but it’s impact on my work isn’t anywhere near as great so that’s also a good thing. I also placed a link for it up above under Free stuff! If not just click this link!

The web comic for now will remain under a sunday publish time (well, Sunday Midnight which might still be saturday for people so-) Although if it changes I will mention it! thanks!

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Book 2 and some news

I haven’t updated in a little bit I know, sorry for those who are coming here expecting to see a new blog. I’ve been busy working on Book 2 of Zenith, trying to get most of it finished before the end of September.

I’m expecting to get 4 wisdom teeth removed by the end of the month- so as a result I may not be doing much in terms of working on my book for at least a week I expect. I don’t want to say never- but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Maybe more depending on what happens too but I sure hope not c.c; I don’t want any on expecting pain to come up… x_x; spaghetti

So as a result, Book 2 probably won’t be out until October. This is also due to the fact of many other things such as editing, layout and cover concept and design. I also want to make some improvements to existing pages that seemed a little rush and may add some here and there to get a nice smooth continuity.

Although as you can see I do have previews of Book 2- so it’s a little more than half finished. I also want it to be larger than the first book, so I’m hoping to have more content and pages than the previous issue. Story wise, there will probably be some surprises too I think you’ll find-it may not be what some people are expecting at all, but I’m hoping it’ll be just as compelling!

The genre won’t change however; it will still be comedy/sci-fi/fantasy. So that’s not to worry. I also plan on coming out with another t-shirt sometime too, but the book comes first!

Runie CampingAs a result I can’t promise I will be able to update every Monday, Wednesday and Friday as I did before since I’ll be so distracted and busy. There will probably not be many updates on my blog either with mentions of my status- I’ll however post it probably on my Twitter account.

So that’s it for the time being- I’ll be sure to keep you posted until then! 😀

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