Well I’ve been working on Ablution still- and I suppose it might be a good idea to try to differentiate the content between the two series since Ablution is for more mature audiences. This will change in the future though depending on the stories that’re beblack and white example 1ing put out so, it’s kind of nipping it in the bud and what not.

Another thing is- that due to a lot of positive feedback I’ve been getting- the next book is going to be mostly in black and white. This is because I find that I can do it a lot and finish it a lot faster and add more content and detail, and a lot of people are telling me they like it a whole lot more, so to give you an idea what it may look like, something similar to the image on the right. And kids- don’t hack!

So I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback on that- and I will be continue the same winter/xmas special at a later date, so stay tuned for that.

Although I do enjoy coloring- I find that this sort of gives me a new insight and faster production time as well. So hopefully this will all get done in a better timely manner rather than the snail pace I’ve been keeping lately.

Until the next post, keep your eyes on twitter and what not- I’ll probably end up posting an upcoming promotion soon so come back every so often just to check! 😀



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Dei Ex Machina: Ablution

Dei Ex Machina: Ablution

So, Dei Ex Machina: Ablution should be up tonight at Midnight Eastern- but I’m not clear on the exact clock work on my site- it might even be up sooner than that! So I want you to feel more than free to check it out if you’d like, I also got a new URL for it as well at www.runie.net or www.runie.org whichever you’d like!

Now I feel I should warn you as well- the site is still under construction so if anything weird happens at all when you go visit- please feel free to clear your cache/close your browser whatever or wait 10 minutes and show up again. If there any issues I’m sure I’ll either post it here, or on twitter!

Or if you’d like just come here for any news! I will also be posting an update notification here whenever the comic is updated.

Now I should WARN you, that this particular comic will probably contain more mature content than Zenith does- such as course language, mild nudity- etc. So if that’s something you have an issue with for whatever reason then uh, don’t read it.

Other than that enjoy! Please feel free to leave a comment, tell your friends- etc 😀



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