So I’m going to open myself up to some fire and rant a bit about this.


About one year ago in the month of May I got a suggestion from my friend, who’s name I can’t remember to spell, uh Cucuboruchi or something, feel free to correct me also I’m not blaming him for any trouble associated with this or anything either) suggested Comixology, which is an e-book/e-comic online store to submit my comic to. So I was grateful for it and thought it was a great idea, so that’s what I did.


So, I  waited about 3 weeks (it said on their site that it could take up to 2 to 3 weeks for any kind of reply), and I decided to contact them and I was informed it could take up to 6 to 8 weeks so I was like “that’s okay I can wait” so I did that… and waited… and waited….


Meanwhile my email box was getting spammed with their flyers about DC comics and whatever, but I was fine about that and waited. So the 8 weeks came and went and I emailed them, telling them I was waiting for over 2 months and they still didn’t respond to me back.


I get another response saying it was a busy time of year and it will take a bit longer than normal for them to get around to me and such, so I was like “okay fine whatever” and waited, another month and sent another message again, got another response again saying they were backlogged. So I was like “okay maybe they are really busy or what have you… you know whatever…” I was pretty easy going still at this point. Even gave them more time.


I waited, oh about a month or 2… and I was starting to kinda get pissed. It’s been about 5 months and they still didn’t get around to it. So every month or so I’ve been emailing them and every month or so they’ve given me the same excuse. And it was about November, so I decided to email them once more and ask them why it was taking so long and how long would it be until I got a reply, and they were like, “we’re sorry we’ve been really really busy etc, please bare with us.” and I was like…. screeeewww youuuu…


I feel I should mention, that I’ve modified the book by this time a lot, and found spelling mistakes and what not. I had no option to actually update the book without deleting it and thus making me wait longer, so I was like screw it, and left it there.


So basically what I did was gave up on them, and didn’t bother contacting them at all since they didn’t seem to be all that concerned about helping me out. Until, about a week ago, which is when I checked my email associated with the request.


Of course, I’m not mad that I was rejected, in a way it’s good because I can continue being on Kindle’s select and do my own promotions and what not. There was a list of things that they had issues with, like typography or what have you, but it didn’t matter they weren’t going to put it up and I certainly wasn’t (and I’m still not), going to waste my time resubmitting.


Why? Because it took them almost a fucking year to even get back and reply to me. One year, for that.


Now I assume that if they knew this a while ago, or got around to it right away they’d just reject it within the allotted time or even sooner. “Why waste our time on this? It’s crap!” but they didn’t, it took them a year to get to sending me that letter.


So imagine yourself, if you submitting a comic, and such, and were waiting for a year to get it listed on a website such as this- without any replies, or updates- and the same excuses even after being told it would take about 8 weeks while you kept getting spammed by their circular.


Can you imagine how long you’d wait for a re-submission? Another year?? And what if it got rejected again for say, something like a spelling mistake, would you have to wait just as long then?


And who honestly cares if it’s free, I respect that it may take longer because they were swamped, but one year is just not acceptable for any business. That’s not supporting independent comics, that’s simply working under a guise that you’re supporting independent comics, or whatever while basically taking your sweet ass time due to lack of staff, poor management, whatever while potential customers, time wasted to be fixing the issues, drifts by.


To hammer home the point, even if it was accepted, I’d probably get it removed, unless they said they’d update it right away perhaps with the issue that I did correct, but even then it might’ve taken them another year to look at it, even a month is too long. One month is too damn long.


I feel I should remind you, that their “standard” time, well when I submitted it, was about 2 to 3 weeks. That’s alright I suppose- but in hindsight it’s still a while for putting out issues, and sense their performance seems to be extremely lackluster to say the least, missing publishing dates also appears to be likely.


So I cannot and will not recommend these guys for submitting your work to, it’s a waste of your time. If they take longer than their allotted time they first stated when I emailed them which was 8 weeks, that’s way too long. Anything longer for ebooks like that, regardless of the size of the company, is not acceptable.


If someone can’t cope or manage it properly, then don’t even bother doing it, it’s just going to be a lot of effort wasted on the time of the creators.



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Dei Ex 3 news and more!

I’ve been busy working on Book 3 of Dei Ex Zenith, and I have to say I’m very excited about this book. I feel like there’s going to be a lot of events and a lot of exciting stuff is going to happen within the story, a lot of questions may be answered for some people so I’m really hoping a lot of people will stay tuned for it.character concepts 1

I am also using a different technique this time in terms of sketching out pages, using new materials and what not, and the designs will be slightly different, I wanna try to get as much detail as I can within the book itself this time and hopefully get it finished before summer time or before May or June. Of course, I don’t want to say anything for sure, but that’s what I’m aimming for, the summer heat always takes a toll on my work and makes things go slower so if that’s done at least it’s something for those who have summer vacation and such!

character concepts 2I have put up some pages too of the character design, I’m not completely happy with how rough the sketches are but I thought I’d place them up anyway, also I’ve added the twitter feed up here so it will be updated constantly so be sure to check back often in case you’re lost in terms of where I am. I know it’s been a while since I updated too, I get busy and sometimes I forget ackk 🙁 But I have a large majority of the script written out, the first page is already inked and everything and I am starting on the second page as of today as I continue to color and edit.

I am also working on other ideas like a mini-series webcomic a part of Dei Ex: Zenith as well in the future among other things which will be posted up here in good time too so I will keep you up to date on that, as well as any future sales related to my books on Amazon or any other location that carries it.

I will try to keep you up to date as soon as I can, but when in doubt feel free to check out twitter on the side bar or any other of my social media outlets!


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Dei Ex 2 Countdown promotion continues!

The free promotion for Dei Ex Machina: Zenith Book 1 is now over, but the deal for the Second book continues! Right now, Dei Ex Machina: Zenith Book 2 is on sale at the kindle e-store for 99 cents! Yes you seen those bold words correctly, so if you liked the first book now is your chance to get the second while it’s on sale!

But it won’t be like that forever- the price will go up to $1.99 on January 6th at 4:00pm PACIFIC time. So uh that’s 7:00pm Eastern, etc. But it will still be on sale- if you miss the 99 cent deal! The whole sale will be over on January 7th so get it while you can! Unfortunately it seems to also be only available to US customers, yeah I know c_c; x_x; I have no control over that- but go ahead and try to find it other Amazons too! Let me know!
Now, as I said before and will say once again, if you don’t have a Kindle, or a tablet don’t worry. You can still get the Kindle e-reader for the PC/Mac free from Amazon.
Just click on the grey bar below the search bar, look for FREE READING APPS. or something similar on your regional site (I think they’re the same for all of them except for the supported language), then you will see a page similar to the one above. They have free reader apps for most Operating Systems, even android and the iPad and it’s really easy to install! Thanks and enjoy!

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Dei Ex 1 Free for 3 days this new year! And Dei Ex 2 countdown deal!

Well I was suppose to have another surprise too, but apparently something is up with Amazon and I don’t know when the hell they’ll get their act together. For the mean time however, Dei Ex 1 is now free, but keep a watch on this journal because there will be another big announcement soon as well- Hopefully shortly because my patience is starting to wear very very thin… but anyway.

The free promotion is only on for 3 days this time starting January 2nd- so after that there’s no telling when the next will be- or if there will even be one so get yours fast!

Remember, that above link is for the American site, check your local Country/regional amazon for a free copy there since they may not allow you to download from it.
Now, if you don’t have a Kindle, or a tablet don’t worry. You can still get the Kindle e-reader for the PC/Mac free from Amazon.
Just click on the grey bar below the search bar, look for FREE READING APPS. or something similar on your regional site (I think they’re the same for all of them except for the supported language), then you will see a page similar to the one above. They have free reader apps for most Operating Systems, even android and the iPad and it’s really easy to install!
After that you just have to login and get a copy, it may ask for your home address too for the purposes of registering an Amazon account, but it won’t ask for a credit card or anything since it’s free! Now if you experience any problems, please feel free to let me know but contact Amazon. Nobody seemed to have any issues before regarding the book so it should all be good!
Keep an eye out, I’ll hopefully be updating this journal again shortly with additional news and information!
Okay I contacted Amazon/Kindle support, and they say due to network latency issues, the second volume for Dei Ex Machina: Zenith should be on a promotional price. Now, it’s not showing up for me right now- so I don’t know. And I can’t see the price order for it. Now it’s showing the same price for me- But I can understand how sometimes networks mess up and stuff (I’ve worked in networking and such before), so it wouldn’t surprise me if the price changed when it was in the cart or at Check-out. And I can understand how some people may be hestiant. Nevertheless, I’ll go with it because I don’t have a choice right now.
So, with that said, the Second Volume of Dei Ex Machina: Zenith is currently on sale for $ 0.99! *tries to remain optimistic regardless of obvious technical issues*, and should be until January 6th, but then the price goes up to $1.99 so now maybe be your chance! Although- hopefully this will work out- if there are any issues and I feel that this network latency thing is still sticking around for too long I will be sure to pursue it with Amazon.
Thanks for your patience and sorry for any confusion.

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Free Promo is over! :(

But, we did pretty well! Thank you for all who downloaded and took part as well, as a result we made it up to Number 22 on the top 100 free graphic novels on Amazon! Well- that’s the highest we got at one point rather, at the end we moved back down to 32 but that’s still pretty good!

Also for those of you who happened to miss the free promotion, the e-book is still on sale at Amazon right now for $2.85 in the US, so check your local amazon too and hopefully the price there has also dropped!

For those who are also interested, and want to see what happens next feel free to go and get your hands on the second book of Dei Ex Machina: Zenith here! Remember, if you order the print you get the e-book free!

As always, reviews and feed back are appreciated! So anyone interested feel free to leave me a comment on your favorite social media site, or comment here on my blog. If you’re the shy type, feel free to use the contact form to send me an email!

I hope everyone enjoyed this interesting experience! Now, it’s time to get to work on Book 3 @[email protected] MWAHAHHAHA! Also, check the SWAG store for new additions of t-shirts and other goodies! 😀



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Hohoho! Merry xmas! Free Dei Ex Machina #1 special!

For this weekend only, get your own copy of Dei Ex Machina #1 from the Kindle e-store for free! But it’s only for a limited time! If you do read it be sure to give a review/star rating on Amazon as well!

United States:
And check out your local Kindle store as well! Remember you have until Midnight Pacific time on Monday to get your free copy! After that your gift will disappear much like all those cookies, milk and anti-acids Santa takes away for himself on Christmas morn’!

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Ottawa Pop Expo and Book 3

Well I’m back from Pop Expo, I must say there were a lot less people than I was expecting to show up. With Comicon having over 30 000 visitors and Popexpo having just a mere 7000 the lack of people was somewhat glaring compared to the convention in May.

I did make somewhat of an impact and learned some things as well but I kind of wish I was able to reach more people. It doesn’t seem like I was the only person who thought this way either, a lot of people in artist’s alley and vendors alike thought that the turn out was somewhat too low for them. I have to say for some periods near the end there wasn’t anyone coming by at all so it got somewhat dull. I did meet some very friendly fellow vendors and so that was a huge plus! Some tips and tricks too since I was a big noob at this kinda thing. I was lucky to also have my brother come along and help me out even if it was just for an hour or so.

I thought however the vendors were more of the same- not that that was bad but just kind of unsurprising to me enough to barely look or spend any new money. Although I did also discover one vendor who had the oddest obsession with Bacon, bacon icing, bacon mints, bacon air freshener, bacon candy canes. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t be outside of Texas or somewhere abouts who would actually like this kinda stuff but- it was interesting at least 😛

All abouts being said- at this particular point in time I don’t think that I will be doing it again next year. The costs associated with it just aren’t worth it for me right now- but that doesn’t mean I won’t be doing anymore conventions. I haven’t quite decided just yet for sure, a lot can change in a year so we’ll have to wait and see. But it was a learning experience and I’m hoping to apply some things I learned next time I do a convention. I’m considering cosplay but I have nooooo idea what to cosplay as- and I’m somewhat of a perfectionist so I guess we’ll have to see…

I didn’t really have time to visit anyone famous or do much of anything but I did look around. I kinda wished there was a way I could’ve piloted one of the daleks that were being showed off, even though that was highly unlikely it was still interesting and neat to see what exactly was inside there- Maddness perhaps? It looked kind of cramp though!

As for Book 3, things will start to take a dramatic turn and I have some stuff in mind but I haven’t really gotten anything solid yet. A lot of conceptualizing on my end before I can actually get it anything solid. I can’t say for sure how many more books will be left in the Zenith arc but depending on which way I go with this particular book, I will have a much better idea by the end of it.

Also- Book 2’s preview is now up on Amazon for those who wanna check it out!


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Zenith Book 2 is Now on Sale!

Yes, finally! Dei Ex Machina: Zenith Book 2 is now on sale both at my e-store and at Amazon! You can get your copy now for 7.99 or if you wish you can wait and get it at PopExpo for a special price and I’d be more than happy to sign both, or either books for you for free! Or you can purchase a kindle version of it as well! Also, even if you don’t buy it there bring them in and I’ll sign it XP DeiX2

Also, if you live in Europe, you should still be able to order my book through Amazon, just check your local Amazon, UK, France, where ever and it should be there shortly if it’s not there already. I will be at Booth 2210 under Runie Studios, which is located right in front of the wrestling ring (I’m wondering if my table is going to be used as a projectile against wrestlers or not, though that may be bad for business it would be interesting c_c;), here’s a link for information on Exhibitors, I will be under the “Artists” tab. This also has a PDF of the convention map, so you should be able to find me easily too!

Now I feel I should mention, that I may be switched around a bit too, because there seems to be some empty spots her at there so I don’t know if it’s going to matter or not c_c. But always get an updated map when you enter the convention as well. Parking prices and everything are also available on the site, it’s about 7 bucks a day so, you’re better off paying as soon as you go in so you don’t forget (unless they changed it).

As for people who are curious about Local Businesses that carry my book. I’m unsure if I’ll be able to get Book 2 there in time before x-mas or not. But just ask the people there at the local store who are already carrying my book for Book 2 and reserve it and I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to contact me. Or, if you wish, just contact me and I will see about putting a rush on books or I’ll see if I can arrange something else. Although I’m pretty sure that I’ll have enough copies left, I can’t guarantee anything at this point but I will try my very best! I know not everyone can buy stuff online nor do I expect them to so I’ll try my best to get them in stores on time!

I’ve also been able to update my social media above within the menu so check it out for my Twitter, Facebook and others if you’re worried about missing anything. Thanks and I will try to keep you updated, if you don’t hear from me then I’ll see you at Popexpo! 😀

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