Taken from different worlds, a group of misfits now live in the shadow of a colossal

colossal structure

structure surrounded by a sea of forests and unspeakable creatures which dwell within. However, all is not lost, as there is a way to escape the claustrophobia by means of a device aptly dubbed “The Gate”. Still, with so much excitement going on, sometimes it’s easy to forget. That is, until they run out of toilet paper…

UrsulaThen, one day Runie and Ursula discover something locked deep below in the bunker beside an ancient gate. What secrets lie does it hold and how is it related to the new world they call home? Unveiling the answers might prove to be a greater burden than any of them could be bothered with…

Sci-fi-fantasy comedy lovers be prepared! It’s a long strange roadtrip that will have you going back home repeatedly to check to make sure your stove is off and that your cat sleeping on your favorite chair again, because they’re just going to jump back up as soon as you’re gone. Zenith is rated G for General Audiences and all ages!

Zenith is the first arc of Dei Ex Machina which will ranges from the slice of life and the strange and bizarre. Stay tuned for more information and news!

Where to Buy online:

How to get Dei Ex Machina: Zenith at your store? Can’t order online? Those sentences kind of go together! It’s simple really, go and demand they carry it! And if they don’t, then ask them to order it for you! Dei Ex Machina: Zenith is currently being carried by Ingram Distribution, so all you need really is this (and only) ISBN number: 978-0991970919

Other Questions?

Why are there two different books? Are they the same? Well yes! Content wise they’re the same, phyiscally their different. One is a bit bigger with a while background, the other is a bit smaller with black background. That’s the difference. Which one should you get? Any you want! For more infromation please check out my Createspace and Lightning Source review, it goes into greater detail as to the existence of these two variants!

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