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Dei Ex Machina New Preview is here!

I suppose now is a good enough time as ever to share a teaser of my upcoming book I’ve been working on.

This new book is- in a way, a reconfiguration of Ablution. I didn’t have the webcomic finished, and it wasn’t coming out the way I wanted it to. I felt it was going in the wrong direction and some of it felt forced/corny. It didn’t seem as authentic to me and what not.

Not only that however, but the webcomic wasn’t finished and a lot of people would be confused as to who the main characters are- why they’re there, etc. That said, this book will in many ways, deal with flash backs and a very real arc occurring at the same time. It will also be the darkest arc I’ve created yet- with maybe a little tiny bit of humor here and there to prevent people from going insane. When it comes to Runie at least, humor is one of those things that goes hand in hand.

Yes, Runie will be the primary character this time around as in Ablution. If you read Zenith, some characters will be notably absent (because they haven’t arrived yet), but they will show up eventually don’t worry.

So, I plan to have this arc come out as two books, and I am trying to get them both 100 pages or more. I’m not sure how I will go about promotion yet, and if you have ideas that would be great. It will also be done in grey scale. I am doing this because, it’s cheaper for me to put out one big book of 100 pages than put out a 30 page book believe it or not. They will both be available through Amazon as print and ebooks and hopefully elsewhere.

So if you have any ideas, are good at proof reading, (REALLY GOOD, it I went over my last book 10 times with other people and still found mistakes), or want a chance to give an opinion on it/promote it- feel free to! This preview is short but I may come out with more/longer things in the future! Enjoy and have a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :D

Oh yes, and you will need a PDF reader of some kind, if you have issues try Foxit reader, that is a pretty good PDF reader!

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