Dei Ex 3 news and more!

I’ve been busy working on Book 3 of Dei Ex Zenith, and I have to say I’m very excited about this book. I feel like there’s going to be a lot of events and a lot of exciting stuff is going to happen within the story, a lot of questions may be answered for some people so I’m really hoping a lot of people will stay tuned for it.character concepts 1

I am also using a different technique this time in terms of sketching out pages, using new materials and what not, and the designs will be slightly different, I wanna try to get as much detail as I can within the book itself this time and hopefully get it finished before summer time or before May or June. Of course, I don’t want to say anything for sure, but that’s what I’m aimming for, the summer heat always takes a toll on my work and makes things go slower so if that’s done at least it’s something for those who have summer vacation and such!

character concepts 2I have put up some pages too of the character design, I’m not completely happy with how rough the sketches are but I thought I’d place them up anyway, also I’ve added the twitter feed up here so it will be updated constantly so be sure to check back often in case you’re lost in terms of where I am. I know it’s been a while since I updated too, I get busy and sometimes I forget ackk 🙁 But I have a large majority of the script written out, the first page is already inked and everything and I am starting on the second page as of today as I continue to color and edit.

I am also working on other ideas like a mini-series webcomic a part of Dei Ex: Zenith as well in the future among other things which will be posted up here in good time too so I will keep you up to date on that, as well as any future sales related to my books on Amazon or any other location that carries it.

I will try to keep you up to date as soon as I can, but when in doubt feel free to check out twitter on the side bar or any other of my social media outlets!


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More, MORE!

I’m nearly done the shading for Page 1/3 or whatever it’s called, and now I’m on to the highlighting phase of the page. I’ve come to the conculsion that I’m probably more nervous than anything else about making a mistake and all and spending too much time on one page or another worrying too much about it will just hold me back and do more damage than anything else. So I’m hoping to just put caution to the wind and press forward. I’m already done the final phase of inking for Page 2 I’m I am now moving on to page 3.


Since the script for the introduction is already pretty much finished, I’m happy for that. I’m hoping to get page 1 finalized tomorrow and then move forward to the next page. With that said I’ve decided to upload some more preview sketches to view, one is a character design, and a bit static as far as I’m concerned (most of my character designs tend to be static) though I’m hoping that it might givepeople an insight into the character.


This particular Character is Rosalie, who is/was a feral child to begin with, she was raised by wolves originally but was still showed up in the Clearing regardless. Though a lot of her past is a mystery to her and everyone else, she was able to get use to living and acting human with some help from the people who were already there to begin with and through stranger channels of influence within her dreams. What does that mean?? Well you gotta stay tuned to find that out 😛 But even now she still maintains a feral-like mentality and will act kind of animalistic and excited at certain times, but ironically she’s actually become somewhat vain about her looks more than anything else for the moment XP

That’s all the news I have for now hmmmm me hungee! @[email protected]



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