Dei Ex Machina: Ablution

Dei Ex Machina: Ablution

So, Dei Ex Machina: Ablution should be up tonight at Midnight Eastern- but I’m not clear on the exact clock work on my site- it might even be up sooner than that! So I want you to feel more than free to check it out if you’d like, I also got a new URL for it as well at or whichever you’d like!

Now I feel I should warn you as well- the site is still under construction so if anything weird happens at all when you go visit- please feel free to clear your cache/close your browser whatever or wait 10 minutes and show up again. If there any issues I’m sure I’ll either post it here, or on twitter!

Or if you’d like just come here for any news! I will also be posting an update notification here whenever the comic is updated.

Now I should WARN you, that this particular comic will probably contain more mature content than Zenith does- such as course language, mild nudity- etc. So if that’s something you have an issue with for whatever reason then uh, don’t read it.

Other than that enjoy! Please feel free to leave a comment, tell your friends- etc 😀



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Webcomic News!

So, the webcomic I have been working on will probably be coming out June 1st 2014. Dei Ex Machina: Ablution


As I mentioned, it will be mostly focused on Runie’s first arrival to the complex, and will hopefully answer more questions about some of her past including some of the concepts of the Clearing/Complex universe as well.


Some characters however, won’t be present because they haven’t arrived yet- like Rosalie and Stone for example. The ones who will be there though will be Warden, Elise, Lina, Ursula (I know a lot of people seem to like Ursula), Carlos and Daniel. So depending on your concept of time this could be considered to have happened pretty far in the past.


Now, I’m sure some people may be disappointed- needless to say every character is going to have their story get told eventually! So if you’re Rosalie fan, or what have you, I’ll eventually get around to her story too.


As for update frequency, I would like to say at least once a week and be focused on that. I’ve already started a newsletter so if you want to keep up to date on anything that uh goes wrong or doesn’t please feel more than free to sign up- or just sign up with twitter or facebook from the links provided on my profile.


Thanks and I look forward to seeing you! 😀

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Dei Ex 3 news and more!

I’ve been busy working on Book 3 of Dei Ex Zenith, and I have to say I’m very excited about this book. I feel like there’s going to be a lot of events and a lot of exciting stuff is going to happen within the story, a lot of questions may be answered for some people so I’m really hoping a lot of people will stay tuned for it.character concepts 1

I am also using a different technique this time in terms of sketching out pages, using new materials and what not, and the designs will be slightly different, I wanna try to get as much detail as I can within the book itself this time and hopefully get it finished before summer time or before May or June. Of course, I don’t want to say anything for sure, but that’s what I’m aimming for, the summer heat always takes a toll on my work and makes things go slower so if that’s done at least it’s something for those who have summer vacation and such!

character concepts 2I have put up some pages too of the character design, I’m not completely happy with how rough the sketches are but I thought I’d place them up anyway, also I’ve added the twitter feed up here so it will be updated constantly so be sure to check back often in case you’re lost in terms of where I am. I know it’s been a while since I updated too, I get busy and sometimes I forget ackk 🙁 But I have a large majority of the script written out, the first page is already inked and everything and I am starting on the second page as of today as I continue to color and edit.

I am also working on other ideas like a mini-series webcomic a part of Dei Ex: Zenith as well in the future among other things which will be posted up here in good time too so I will keep you up to date on that, as well as any future sales related to my books on Amazon or any other location that carries it.

I will try to keep you up to date as soon as I can, but when in doubt feel free to check out twitter on the side bar or any other of my social media outlets!


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New store added

So I finally finished t-shirt completely done now. If there are any mistakes let them flow fourth so I can make changes later to the next design because I’m through with doing anything else for it now. I need to move on to re-editing the story and going forward.  XP

I’ve added a new store, so now the link for the store is more like a page, but here is a preview of what the shirt is going to look like, it’s a bit small on the store site but I’ve uploaded a larger image here, mind the watermark of course those won’t be on the final products of course 😛

Runie t-shirt front

Runie t-shirt front design

I’ve added a back graphic as well, which I think looks pretty cool. I managed to get some freeware brushes for commercial use from various places and put it on there while using a wet media brush to erase it and give it a kinda watermarked look. I had a hard time actually getting around the font because some didn’t look right and andd I had to keep on altering it as a result. But, I’m done with it now so XP The price isn’t as bad as I thought it would be for this one actually. It was a bit less expensive than another place and I didn’t use zazzle this time. I also used a heavier weight t-shirt to enable it to last longer, the shirt shouldn’t be too warm either just thicker in terms of quality. So the overall price is $21.90 US with about $5.00 dollars for shipping in the US, $6.99 in Canada.

Runie t-shirt back design

Runie t-shirt back design

Not because it took them forever to deliver it but because of the limited print space available on their t-shirts. Spreadshirt has a much more flexible view that’s larger and easier to see, where as Zazzle confines the graphic to the chest area mostly. So in some cases it can come off looking silly.

I decided to put up the other promo shirt too, because it doesn’t seem to have as much as the other and it’s somewhat dated I decided to give it the standard weight model for the shirt which is why it’s so much cheaper ($13.00).But I think it still looks pretty good and the graphic seems to be larger and

Dei Ex Machina: Promo t-shirt

Dei Ex Machina: Promo t-shirt

clearer to see than on Zazzle not to mention much cheaper. Like 10 dollars cheaper 😛

I’m also currently re-editing my existing story to help work it out so it’ll move more smoothly, so that means, editing again and re-drawing more things of course. I didn’t get too much time to do it lately because I was doing this and once I start something sometimes I prefer to finish it to avoid getting distracted or bored and I’ll never end up finishing it. Yeah I know how that sounds 😛 I guess it doesn’t make much sense does it?

Oh well what can I say- but I did have fun doing these t-shirts and I do have plans to make more in the future. Some related to the comic, others not. I think next time I will focus on Rosalie as a character on a t-shirt because I have an idea.

Of course I may also add more products later on too beside the t-shirts, here’s a link to the Apparel store. My Book Store is also still available as well in the Store section. That’s a lot of stores.

Either way I gotta go and work on re-writing part of the story now, or get something to eat or something @[email protected] I’ll probably talk about this more later, until then..!


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Dei Ex Machina: Zenith Issue 1 is HERE! Finally…

I decided that since it is the long weekend for some people and such to release Dei Ex Machina: Zenith Issue 1 ahead of schedule. Feel interested? Feel free to to visit the Store and order your own copy for $6.50! Also, it will be available at Amazon’s Kindle store in about half a day or so for $2.99 too!

Dei Ex Machina: Zenith Issue 1 cover

Dei Ex Machina: Zenith Issue 1

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Layouts and such

I’ve wanted to make some cleaner and newer additions to my site, but I guess for the best or worst of it I’m stuck with this design for now so I better make the most of it. I changed the menu color and added a few other short little things to make the site look a bit less crappy. I know the pages aren’t really updated well just yet, I did add a feature for archives as well even though at the moment I probably don’t truly need it (I probably will in the future though).

So yeah, not too impressed with wordpress, they don’t seem to know exactly how to treat people or others who need help regardless of what the issue is, so I’m hoping to get away from that in the future, and if you find something better please tell me! I’ve been using other stuff too but now, relearning something isn’t what I have time for, and I know this already so it’s basically an issue of time for me for the moment.

I’m going to try to continue to add pages, like a gallery and such here as well and hopefully this place will grow in such a way that I won’t hit any major bumps in the road but I will continue to try to update on a daily basis, thanks!


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