Zenith Book 1 now FREE!

Yes, Zenith #1 is now free! Why is it free? I’m trying something a bit different out this Dei Ex Machina: Zenith #1time and seeing how it goes. For how long it will be free? I’m not sure exactly- but it’s up for now and I will give warning before taking it down to make sure that everyone gets a chance to get it while they can!

With that said, I only ask you to do two things after you read Zenith! Uh oh here comes the catch!

  1. Please leave a comment either here, or on social media on what you thought of Dei Ex Machina: Zenith- either on here, my Facebook page or on Twitter.
  2. Tell at least one other friend about Dei Ex Machina! Now this is important, generating word of mouth is one of the hardest things to do, and I certainly can’t do it without your help! So do what you can! 😀

That’s it! As for the next book- I am still working on it yes- there will be some things you may realize are a little bit weird about it but I want to cover it for another day.

For the time being, Zenith #1 will continue to be sold as a print as well, so if you’re interested check it out! Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon! 😀


Plot Synopsis:

In a realm where horrible creatures lurk in the woods and a door way between dimensions remain unhidden, imagine what mysteries are locked away…

Ursula might be unable to rest until she has all the answers- however when given a chance to relieve her curiosity the ordeal ahead could be so absurd and outrageous she may start having second thoughts. As if it wasn’t the first time!

Ensnarement ensues in the first book of the Zenith saga from Dei Ex Machina!




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So I’m going to open myself up to some fire and rant a bit about this.


About one year ago in the month of May I got a suggestion from my friend, who’s name I can’t remember to spell, uh Cucuboruchi or something, feel free to correct me also I’m not blaming him for any trouble associated with this or anything either) suggested Comixology, which is an e-book/e-comic online store to submit my comic to. So I was grateful for it and thought it was a great idea, so that’s what I did.


So, I  waited about 3 weeks (it said on their site that it could take up to 2 to 3 weeks for any kind of reply), and I decided to contact them and I was informed it could take up to 6 to 8 weeks so I was like “that’s okay I can wait” so I did that… and waited… and waited….


Meanwhile my email box was getting spammed with their flyers about DC comics and whatever, but I was fine about that and waited. So the 8 weeks came and went and I emailed them, telling them I was waiting for over 2 months and they still didn’t respond to me back.


I get another response saying it was a busy time of year and it will take a bit longer than normal for them to get around to me and such, so I was like “okay fine whatever” and waited, another month and sent another message again, got another response again saying they were backlogged. So I was like “okay maybe they are really busy or what have you… you know whatever…” I was pretty easy going still at this point. Even gave them more time.


I waited, oh about a month or 2… and I was starting to kinda get pissed. It’s been about 5 months and they still didn’t get around to it. So every month or so I’ve been emailing them and every month or so they’ve given me the same excuse. And it was about November, so I decided to email them once more and ask them why it was taking so long and how long would it be until I got a reply, and they were like, “we’re sorry we’ve been really really busy etc, please bare with us.” and I was like…. screeeewww youuuu…


I feel I should mention, that I’ve modified the book by this time a lot, and found spelling mistakes and what not. I had no option to actually update the book without deleting it and thus making me wait longer, so I was like screw it, and left it there.


So basically what I did was gave up on them, and didn’t bother contacting them at all since they didn’t seem to be all that concerned about helping me out. Until, about a week ago, which is when I checked my email associated with the request.


Of course, I’m not mad that I was rejected, in a way it’s good because I can continue being on Kindle’s select and do my own promotions and what not. There was a list of things that they had issues with, like typography or what have you, but it didn’t matter they weren’t going to put it up and I certainly wasn’t (and I’m still not), going to waste my time resubmitting.


Why? Because it took them almost a fucking year to even get back and reply to me. One year, for that.


Now I assume that if they knew this a while ago, or got around to it right away they’d just reject it within the allotted time or even sooner. “Why waste our time on this? It’s crap!” but they didn’t, it took them a year to get to sending me that letter.


So imagine yourself, if you submitting a comic, and such, and were waiting for a year to get it listed on a website such as this- without any replies, or updates- and the same excuses even after being told it would take about 8 weeks while you kept getting spammed by their circular.


Can you imagine how long you’d wait for a re-submission? Another year?? And what if it got rejected again for say, something like a spelling mistake, would you have to wait just as long then?


And who honestly cares if it’s free, I respect that it may take longer because they were swamped, but one year is just not acceptable for any business. That’s not supporting independent comics, that’s simply working under a guise that you’re supporting independent comics, or whatever while basically taking your sweet ass time due to lack of staff, poor management, whatever while potential customers, time wasted to be fixing the issues, drifts by.


To hammer home the point, even if it was accepted, I’d probably get it removed, unless they said they’d update it right away perhaps with the issue that I did correct, but even then it might’ve taken them another year to look at it, even a month is too long. One month is too damn long.


I feel I should remind you, that their “standard” time, well when I submitted it, was about 2 to 3 weeks. That’s alright I suppose- but in hindsight it’s still a while for putting out issues, and sense their performance seems to be extremely lackluster to say the least, missing publishing dates also appears to be likely.


So I cannot and will not recommend these guys for submitting your work to, it’s a waste of your time. If they take longer than their allotted time they first stated when I emailed them which was 8 weeks, that’s way too long. Anything longer for ebooks like that, regardless of the size of the company, is not acceptable.


If someone can’t cope or manage it properly, then don’t even bother doing it, it’s just going to be a lot of effort wasted on the time of the creators.



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Zenith Book 2 is Now on Sale!

Yes, finally! Dei Ex Machina: Zenith Book 2 is now on sale both at my e-store and at Amazon! You can get your copy now for 7.99 or if you wish you can wait and get it at PopExpo for a special price and I’d be more than happy to sign both, or either books for you for free! Or you can purchase a kindle version of it as well! Also, even if you don’t buy it there bring them in and I’ll sign it XP DeiX2

Also, if you live in Europe, you should still be able to order my book through Amazon, just check your local Amazon, UK, France, where ever and it should be there shortly if it’s not there already. I will be at Booth 2210 under Runie Studios, which is located right in front of the wrestling ring (I’m wondering if my table is going to be used as a projectile against wrestlers or not, though that may be bad for business it would be interesting c_c;), here’s a link for information on Exhibitors, I will be under the “Artists” tab. This also has a PDF of the convention map, so you should be able to find me easily too!


Now I feel I should mention, that I may be switched around a bit too, because there seems to be some empty spots her at there so I don’t know if it’s going to matter or not c_c. But always get an updated map when you enter the convention as well. Parking prices and everything are also available on the site, it’s about 7 bucks a day so, you’re better off paying as soon as you go in so you don’t forget (unless they changed it).

As for people who are curious about Local Businesses that carry my book. I’m unsure if I’ll be able to get Book 2 there in time before x-mas or not. But just ask the people there at the local store who are already carrying my book for Book 2 and reserve it and I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to contact me. Or, if you wish, just contact me and I will see about putting a rush on books or I’ll see if I can arrange something else. Although I’m pretty sure that I’ll have enough copies left, I can’t guarantee anything at this point but I will try my very best! I know not everyone can buy stuff online nor do I expect them to so I’ll try my best to get them in stores on time!

I’ve also been able to update my social media above within the menu so check it out for my Twitter, Facebook and others if you’re worried about missing anything. Thanks and I will try to keep you updated, if you don’t hear from me then I’ll see you at Popexpo! 😀

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Book 2 and some news

I haven’t updated in a little bit I know, sorry for those who are coming here expecting to see a new blog. I’ve been busy working on Book 2 of Zenith, trying to get most of it finished before the end of September.

I’m expecting to get 4 wisdom teeth removed by the end of the month- so as a result I may not be doing much in terms of working on my book for at least a week I expect. I don’t want to say never- but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Maybe more depending on what happens too but I sure hope not c.c; I don’t want any on expecting pain to come up… x_x; spaghetti

So as a result, Book 2 probably won’t be out until October. This is also due to the fact of many other things such as editing, layout and cover concept and design. I also want to make some improvements to existing pages that seemed a little rush and may add some here and there to get a nice smooth continuity.

Although as you can see I do have previews of Book 2- so it’s a little more than half finished. I also want it to be larger than the first book, so I’m hoping to have more content and pages than the previous issue. Story wise, there will probably be some surprises too I think you’ll find-it may not be what some people are expecting at all, but I’m hoping it’ll be just as compelling!

The genre won’t change however; it will still be comedy/sci-fi/fantasy. So that’s not to worry. I also plan on coming out with another t-shirt sometime too, but the book comes first!

Runie CampingAs a result I can’t promise I will be able to update every Monday, Wednesday and Friday as I did before since I’ll be so distracted and busy. There will probably not be many updates on my blog either with mentions of my status- I’ll however post it probably on my Twitter account.

So that’s it for the time being- I’ll be sure to keep you posted until then! 😀

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Future ideas

I got my DVD player fixed, the stupid thing was dirty. Though it took it sometime to even read the disc before it could load it and clean itself. Then I let it clean for half an hour.

I’m still working on the comic as always. I want to try to get this all finished and done before going in for oral surgery sometime next month. I’ve been to the dentist (of course), but I’ve never actually gone through a procedure such as this- or even close to this so it should be a rather “interesting” experience. I was kinda hoping I would be hallucinating perhaps and take a trip with lots of cool colors but apparently that’s not the case with this sorta thing. But hey it could still happen, maybe- probably not. But who knows??

The next issue of the comic may prove to be more interesting. After Zenith I have been thinking of a number of stories as well trying to see if I should tackle each origin of the characters within Dei Ex, it would certainly help clear any confusion some people may have but I also intend to tackle their pasts further as the comic goes along too. Things will seem clearer and hopefully more interesting as the comic itself continues to go along.

Well, I’ve better get back to work! I’ve made a lot of promises I have to keep! 😀

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Lightning Source and Createspace

Sorry for this late review, I’ve been having power issues. On Wednesday the power went out at 12:45am and didn’t come back until 7am with other little black outs x.x; as a result I couldn’t post anything. But without further Apu, let us get on with today’s article, review, whatever c.c

Recently I’ve finally managed to get my Lightning Source proof in, and so the comparison between the CreateSpace print and Lightning Source has begun! Now, before I go on, there are some differences between these two books, some may consider it minor, others may consider it major. So let’s go over these two shall we?



(LEFT)Lightning Source
Price: 5.99
Size: 6.14 x 9.21
Saddle Stitch
Price: 6.50
Size 7 x 10
Perfect Bound

For those who don’t know, saddle stitch means that it’s been stapled together. Where as perfect bound is normally how novels are pasted together. I made the mistake of thinking that the binding as it’s called made the book cheaper on Lightning Source, I was wrong, however it saved me time from measuring the spine for it (not much I’ll admit, it didn’t take much effort to do it on createspace but either way I find it looks better).

(LS top) (CS bottom) Though smaller, the LS book is much thicker and has a saddle stitch. The the CS book below it has a 'perfect' bidning. Both have the same number of pages.

(LS top) (CS bottom) Though smaller, the LS book is much thicker and has a saddle stitch. The the CS book below it has a ‘perfect’ bidning. Both have the same number of pages.


This leads to the size, on Createspace, size doesn’t matter and doesn’t affect the price of the book, it’s whether or not it’s in color and the kind of paper that is used (cream or white), not to mention the number of pages of course 😛


Lightning Source’s price is affected by the size, color, paper and binding. Keep in mind there may be other factors as well but these are just the ones I’ve noticed. As a result of this though Lightning Source can offer a cheaper price than Createspace does, but you need to pay 75 dollars to register it, then another 12 bucks a year to maintain it in their catalogue (which may be worth it in the long run but hey, it’s up to you.)


Createspace White border Pages, first Spread!

Createspace White border Pages, first Spread!

Lightning Source Page spread Comparsion!

Lightning Source Page spread Comparison!

Just as the title says, Createspace Comparison 2!

Just as the title says, Createspace Comparison 2!

Lightning Source Page Spread Comparison 2

Lightning Source Page Spread Comparison 2

I’m going to go into the details now of my own book, these are two graphic novels of course, full color; the White version, or the createspace version, and the Black version or the Lightning Source version. Why did I choose to put black around the Lightning Source book? Because I didn’t like the way the book had that big empty white space there, and lacked time to do so, also I lacked the foresight to place a full bleed there, which is what I most wanted. I said it before, I’ll say it again, I couldn’t redo the full bleed without revamping the whole thing which may have increased the time to get it out by 10 fold, so I sucked it up and did it this way, and I’ll admit it came out pretty well all things considered.


CS Book (background) and the LS (foreground) against each other. The color on the smaller LS book as you can see is much brighter than it's larger cousin.

CS Book (background) and the LS (foreground) against each other. The color on the smaller LS book as you can see is much brighter than it’s larger cousin.

The color of the colors as you may have noticed is a bit different, the LS (Lightning Source) book is bluer and has more contrast where as the CS(CreateSpace) book is paler. I kind of like the LS for this reason but as you may see (or may not see) there’s a little color spray patter on the LS book’s cover. It’s hard to notice however, really hard to notice. Not enough though to really bug me honestly.

My second concern will take some explaining. This is one of the issues that plagued me while trying to find the right size of book and that issue is Skewing/Warping of the original images as they are placed on the paper. That means stretching or altering of the object (which is the image) within the page so it will fit into the margins/border that it’s placed. Doing so may give a slight kind of alteration to the image itself, so it won’t appear as intended. This is something I really wanted to stay away from and that I’m also very paranoid of, and I thought that this was something the LS book had. However, I may have been mistaken and thus just paranoid. That happens 😛 But I will let you be the judge as I post various pictures and compare them from the two.


A comparison of the CreateSpace or White book.

A comparison of the CreateSpace or White book.

A comparison of a Panel in the LS Book.

A comparison of a Panel in the LS Book.

Over all I don’t have any big complaints, the book for LS does seem a bit larger but that could be due to the binding, but it’s easier to fold it open and hold it, where as the CS book creases slightly. But the CS book is larger and for some may be clearer as a result.

I know people may get confused, and that’s my fault sorry about that. But, if they were kept the same size, LS price starts to increase and over takes CS so it might have ended up being more expensive anyway, which isn’t good since this book is intended to be in stores. I also do like the black border as well as it gives a different kind of atmosphere to the book but unless you’re really into it, you probably won’t notice or care about it.

Now this gets into another issue which I’ll cover, ship time. From what I’ve heard and seen, Lightning Source books have a huge increase in shipping time on Amazon, how much? Anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks.

Yes that’s right, 2 to 4 weeks. Why? I don’t know, maybe Amazon doesn’t like Lightning Source, but Createspace books (which is owned by Amazon BTW), has no such time and is instant. This was enough for me to consider having the book go through createpace on amazon, a wait time for such a book like that is unacceptable to me as an author and a consumer. I think many may agree, however this may have changed, only time will tell!

But, I like both of them really, the LS book seems to be sturdier, has a black border with no space, smaller and slightly brighter colors in some instances. Whereas the CS book is larger and looks more professional as a book with a white border. So it really depends on taste. In the future however, I will probably go with and stick with one or the other so we’ll have to see how it goes.

But if you’re looking between LS or CS it really depends on what you wish to do, LS has much larger distribution channels but it is SLLOOOOW. It takes forever to get an account, to hear back from the processing, it took a month to get this book finished. CS however, is fast, it has an automatic book reviewer, it’s got call back phone support with very helpful staff, and your book can go on sale as short as 3 days after being submitted. But it can’t get into nearly as many stores, even though they have expanded distribution it’s part of Ingram(Which owns Lightning Source) anyway, so it goes through there but doesn’t have as many channels.

So Lightning Source = Wholesalers.


You depending what you want to do, or what you’re doing.. yeah it’s your call, or you can go with both.

Oh,both also support ebooks too! But that’s a story, for another day… (please insert theme from The Tales of the Riverbank here).


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Dei Ex Machina: Zenith Issue 1 Launch Sale!

For this weekend, in celebration of having the book finally available I’ve decided to give a short sale until the end of Monday the 27th at Midnight, just use this coupon right here and you’ll get a dollar off at my estore. Please keep in mind this coupon code will only work at this location: https://www.createspace.com/4277180 so if you see it for sale elsewhere and try to apply it it won’t work:

ZGY75D84  – 1.00 off!

Yay! A dollar! XP Anyway, it’s still a relatively good deal considering the price, and you’ll have plenty of time, just keep in mind when it becomes Tuesday next week the coupon’s no more good so you’ll have to order before then.

Once again that’s at this location and apply the coupon whenever it asks for the coupon code, happy reading o.o And if you do purchase it feel free to leave me notes and tell me what you think, thanks!


ZGY75D84  – 1.00 off!


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