Dei Ex 2 Countdown promotion continues!

The free promotion for Dei Ex Machina: Zenith Book 1 is now over, but the deal for the Second book continues! Right now, Dei Ex Machina: Zenith Book 2 is on sale at the kindle e-store for 99 cents! Yes you seen those bold words correctly, so if you liked the first book now is your chance to get the second while it’s on sale!

But it won’t be like that forever- the price will go up to $1.99 on January 6th at 4:00pm PACIFIC time. So uh that’s 7:00pm Eastern, etc. But it will still be on sale- if you miss the 99 cent deal! The whole sale will be over on January 7th so get it while you can! Unfortunately it seems to also be only available to US customers, yeah I know c_c; x_x; I have no control over that- but go ahead and try to find it other Amazons too! Let me know!
Now, as I said before and will say once again, if you don’t have a Kindle, or a tablet don’t worry. You can still get the Kindle e-reader for the PC/Mac free from Amazon.
Just click on the grey bar below the search bar, look for FREE READING APPS. or something similar on your regional site (I think they’re the same for all of them except for the supported language), then you will see a page similar to the one above. They have free reader apps for most Operating Systems, even android and the iPad and it’s really easy to install! Thanks and enjoy!

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Free Promo is over! :(

But, we did pretty well! Thank you for all who downloaded and took part as well, as a result we made it up to Number 22 on the top 100 free graphic novels on Amazon! Well- that’s the highest we got at one point rather, at the end we moved back down to 32 but that’s still pretty good!

Also for those of you who happened to miss the free promotion, the e-book is still on sale at Amazon right now for $2.85 in the US, so check your local amazon too and hopefully the price there has also dropped!

For those who are also interested, and want to see what happens next feel free to go and get your hands on the second book of Dei Ex Machina: Zenith here! Remember, if you order the print you get the e-book free!

As always, reviews and feed back are appreciated! So anyone interested feel free to leave me a comment on your favorite social media site, or comment here on my blog. If you’re the shy type, feel free to use the contact form to send me an email!

I hope everyone enjoyed this interesting experience! Now, it’s time to get to work on Book 3 @[email protected] MWAHAHHAHA! Also, check the SWAG store for new additions of t-shirts and other goodies! 😀



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Zenith Book 2 is Now on Sale!

Yes, finally! Dei Ex Machina: Zenith Book 2 is now on sale both at my e-store and at Amazon! You can get your copy now for 7.99 or if you wish you can wait and get it at PopExpo for a special price and I’d be more than happy to sign both, or either books for you for free! Or you can purchase a kindle version of it as well! Also, even if you don’t buy it there bring them in and I’ll sign it XP DeiX2

Also, if you live in Europe, you should still be able to order my book through Amazon, just check your local Amazon, UK, France, where ever and it should be there shortly if it’s not there already. I will be at Booth 2210 under Runie Studios, which is located right in front of the wrestling ring (I’m wondering if my table is going to be used as a projectile against wrestlers or not, though that may be bad for business it would be interesting c_c;), here’s a link for information on Exhibitors, I will be under the “Artists” tab. This also has a PDF of the convention map, so you should be able to find me easily too!

Now I feel I should mention, that I may be switched around a bit too, because there seems to be some empty spots her at there so I don’t know if it’s going to matter or not c_c. But always get an updated map when you enter the convention as well. Parking prices and everything are also available on the site, it’s about 7 bucks a day so, you’re better off paying as soon as you go in so you don’t forget (unless they changed it).

As for people who are curious about Local Businesses that carry my book. I’m unsure if I’ll be able to get Book 2 there in time before x-mas or not. But just ask the people there at the local store who are already carrying my book for Book 2 and reserve it and I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to contact me. Or, if you wish, just contact me and I will see about putting a rush on books or I’ll see if I can arrange something else. Although I’m pretty sure that I’ll have enough copies left, I can’t guarantee anything at this point but I will try my very best! I know not everyone can buy stuff online nor do I expect them to so I’ll try my best to get them in stores on time!

I’ve also been able to update my social media above within the menu so check it out for my Twitter, Facebook and others if you’re worried about missing anything. Thanks and I will try to keep you updated, if you don’t hear from me then I’ll see you at Popexpo! 😀

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Pop Expo 2013

So next week I’m getting four wisdom teeth removed, I don’t know exactly if I’m going to be up to doing anything or just be dazed and kinda lamenting over the pain I’m in so I suppose I’ll have to wait and see. I’m trying to get myself ready to make a little nest or base in my bed and make sure I can stay there if I need be, I’m slightly paranoid about this stuff and kind of paranoid when it comes to this kind of thing, odds are I’ll probably end up forgetting stuff anyway.

So no straws, no sucking of any kind (in case I get dry socket), no coke, nothing solid for the first couple of days, ice packs, need more toothpaste since I’m almost out… I’m sure there is more…. It’s not that close but it’s better to have this done a bit before than to rush the day before c_c;

In other news, I’ve gotten a table at Ottawa Pop Expo for Artist’s Alley, (Under the name Runie Studios), yay! It’s only December 7th to the 8th (for the moment at least), but I’m already trying to think of certain merchandise to sell, such as prints and buttons and all that. There will be special deals too! I want to do some other stuff but I’m unsure if it’s allowed or not and to be honest I think it’s a bit too early for me to start asking just yet. I’m also trying to look for an assistant of some sort- I have some people in mind but nothing is set in stone yet. I got a free pass for it too. If you’re interested, feel free to contact me through the contact page, just make sure you leave your email address and such so I can reply back to you.

If anyone wants me to have something in particular like t-shirts or what have you or even suggestions you can also contact me as well or just leave a comment in this blog or where ever it’s link has been posted.

So what else is going to be at Pop Expo? Well the Boondock Saints apparently (actually just one now, All there of them were suppose to come but who knows honestly), some stars from The Walking Dead, the Seventh Doctor from Doctor Who, uh and probably more than that. Since they update their site with new guests a lot it’s hard to say, and since it’s Pop Expo it could be anyone with a fandom. I know when I went to Comicon (which is ran by the same people), a lot of people they had there weren’t even on their website so it was kind of a surprise.

I feel I should mention of course there is going to be other Exhibitors too and since it’s still early there may be more to come o_o

Well, that’s enough plugging for now. I’m still working on Book 2 and such and I’m hoping I can get it down in a good time period. Since that’s the case I better end this now. I’ll see if I can come and put an update on my operation next week depending on how I feel, until then  😀


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Book 2 and some news

I haven’t updated in a little bit I know, sorry for those who are coming here expecting to see a new blog. I’ve been busy working on Book 2 of Zenith, trying to get most of it finished before the end of September.

I’m expecting to get 4 wisdom teeth removed by the end of the month- so as a result I may not be doing much in terms of working on my book for at least a week I expect. I don’t want to say never- but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Maybe more depending on what happens too but I sure hope not c.c; I don’t want any on expecting pain to come up… x_x; spaghetti

So as a result, Book 2 probably won’t be out until October. This is also due to the fact of many other things such as editing, layout and cover concept and design. I also want to make some improvements to existing pages that seemed a little rush and may add some here and there to get a nice smooth continuity.

Although as you can see I do have previews of Book 2- so it’s a little more than half finished. I also want it to be larger than the first book, so I’m hoping to have more content and pages than the previous issue. Story wise, there will probably be some surprises too I think you’ll find-it may not be what some people are expecting at all, but I’m hoping it’ll be just as compelling!

The genre won’t change however; it will still be comedy/sci-fi/fantasy. So that’s not to worry. I also plan on coming out with another t-shirt sometime too, but the book comes first!

Runie CampingAs a result I can’t promise I will be able to update every Monday, Wednesday and Friday as I did before since I’ll be so distracted and busy. There will probably not be many updates on my blog either with mentions of my status- I’ll however post it probably on my Twitter account.

So that’s it for the time being- I’ll be sure to keep you posted until then! 😀

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