Dei Ex Machina New Preview is here!

I suppose now is a good enough time as ever to share a teaser of my upcoming book I’ve been working on.

This new book is- in a way, a reconfiguration of Ablution. I didn’t have the webcomic finished, and it wasn’t coming out the way I wanted it to. I felt it was going in the wrong direction and some of it felt forced/corny. It didn’t seem as authentic to me and what not.

Not only that however, but the webcomic wasn’t finished and a lot of people would be confused as to who the main characters are- why they’re there, etc. That said, this book will in many ways, deal with flash backs and a very real arc occurring at the same time. It will also be the darkest arc I’ve created yet- with maybe a little tiny bit of humor here and there to prevent people from going insane. When it comes to Runie at least, humor is one of those things that goes hand in hand.

Yes, Runie will be the primary character this time around as in Ablution. If you read Zenith, some characters will be notably absent (because they haven’t arrived yet), but they will show up eventually don’t worry.

So, I plan to have this arc come out as two books, and I am trying to get them both 100 pages or more. I’m not sure how I will go about promotion yet, and if you have ideas that would be great. It will also be done in grey scale. I am doing this because, it’s cheaper for me to put out one big book of 100 pages than put out a 30 page book believe it or not. They will both be available through Amazon as print and ebooks and hopefully elsewhere.

So if you have any ideas, are good at proof reading, (REALLY GOOD, it I went over my last book 10 times with other people and still found mistakes), or want a chance to give an opinion on it/promote it- feel free to! This preview is short but I may come out with more/longer things in the future! Enjoy and have a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :D

Oh yes, and you will need a PDF reader of some kind, if you have issues try Foxit reader, that is a pretty good PDF reader!

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Well I’ve been working on Ablution still- and I suppose it might be a good idea to try to differentiate the content between the two series since Ablution is for more mature audiences. This will change in the future though depending on the stories that’re beblack and white example 1ing put out so, it’s kind of nipping it in the bud and what not.

Another thing is- that due to a lot of positive feedback I’ve been getting- the next book is going to be mostly in black and white. This is because I find that I can do it a lot and finish it a lot faster and add more content and detail, and a lot of people are telling me they like it a whole lot more, so to give you an idea what it may look like, something similar to the image on the right. And kids- don’t hack!

So I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback on that- and I will be continue the same winter/xmas special at a later date, so stay tuned for that.

Although I do enjoy coloring- I find that this sort of gives me a new insight and faster production time as well. So hopefully this will all get done in a better timely manner rather than the snail pace I’ve been keeping lately.

Until the next post, keep your eyes on twitter and what not- I’ll probably end up posting an upcoming promotion soon so come back every so often just to check! 😀



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News update: on all sorts of stuff

I’m still working on book 3- an illness I had about a month ago did set me back a bit-so hopefully now I’ll finally get on track. The ablution web comic also started up but it’s impact on my work isn’t anywhere near as great so that’s also a good thing. I also placed a link for it up above under Free stuff! If not just click this link!

The web comic for now will remain under a sunday publish time (well, Sunday Midnight which might still be saturday for people so-) Although if it changes I will mention it! thanks!

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Dei Ex Machina: Ablution

Dei Ex Machina: Ablution

So, Dei Ex Machina: Ablution should be up tonight at Midnight Eastern- but I’m not clear on the exact clock work on my site- it might even be up sooner than that! So I want you to feel more than free to check it out if you’d like, I also got a new URL for it as well at or whichever you’d like!

Now I feel I should warn you as well- the site is still under construction so if anything weird happens at all when you go visit- please feel free to clear your cache/close your browser whatever or wait 10 minutes and show up again. If there any issues I’m sure I’ll either post it here, or on twitter!

Or if you’d like just come here for any news! I will also be posting an update notification here whenever the comic is updated.

Now I should WARN you, that this particular comic will probably contain more mature content than Zenith does- such as course language, mild nudity- etc. So if that’s something you have an issue with for whatever reason then uh, don’t read it.

Other than that enjoy! Please feel free to leave a comment, tell your friends- etc 😀



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Webcomic News!

So, the webcomic I have been working on will probably be coming out June 1st 2014. Dei Ex Machina: Ablution


As I mentioned, it will be mostly focused on Runie’s first arrival to the complex, and will hopefully answer more questions about some of her past including some of the concepts of the Clearing/Complex universe as well.


Some characters however, won’t be present because they haven’t arrived yet- like Rosalie and Stone for example. The ones who will be there though will be Warden, Elise, Lina, Ursula (I know a lot of people seem to like Ursula), Carlos and Daniel. So depending on your concept of time this could be considered to have happened pretty far in the past.


Now, I’m sure some people may be disappointed- needless to say every character is going to have their story get told eventually! So if you’re Rosalie fan, or what have you, I’ll eventually get around to her story too.


As for update frequency, I would like to say at least once a week and be focused on that. I’ve already started a newsletter so if you want to keep up to date on anything that uh goes wrong or doesn’t please feel more than free to sign up- or just sign up with twitter or facebook from the links provided on my profile.


Thanks and I look forward to seeing you! 😀

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So I’m going to open myself up to some fire and rant a bit about this.


About one year ago in the month of May I got a suggestion from my friend, who’s name I can’t remember to spell, uh Cucuboruchi or something, feel free to correct me also I’m not blaming him for any trouble associated with this or anything either) suggested Comixology, which is an e-book/e-comic online store to submit my comic to. So I was grateful for it and thought it was a great idea, so that’s what I did.


So, I  waited about 3 weeks (it said on their site that it could take up to 2 to 3 weeks for any kind of reply), and I decided to contact them and I was informed it could take up to 6 to 8 weeks so I was like “that’s okay I can wait” so I did that… and waited… and waited….


Meanwhile my email box was getting spammed with their flyers about DC comics and whatever, but I was fine about that and waited. So the 8 weeks came and went and I emailed them, telling them I was waiting for over 2 months and they still didn’t respond to me back.


I get another response saying it was a busy time of year and it will take a bit longer than normal for them to get around to me and such, so I was like “okay fine whatever” and waited, another month and sent another message again, got another response again saying they were backlogged. So I was like “okay maybe they are really busy or what have you… you know whatever…” I was pretty easy going still at this point. Even gave them more time.


I waited, oh about a month or 2… and I was starting to kinda get pissed. It’s been about 5 months and they still didn’t get around to it. So every month or so I’ve been emailing them and every month or so they’ve given me the same excuse. And it was about November, so I decided to email them once more and ask them why it was taking so long and how long would it be until I got a reply, and they were like, “we’re sorry we’ve been really really busy etc, please bare with us.” and I was like…. screeeewww youuuu…


I feel I should mention, that I’ve modified the book by this time a lot, and found spelling mistakes and what not. I had no option to actually update the book without deleting it and thus making me wait longer, so I was like screw it, and left it there.


So basically what I did was gave up on them, and didn’t bother contacting them at all since they didn’t seem to be all that concerned about helping me out. Until, about a week ago, which is when I checked my email associated with the request.


Of course, I’m not mad that I was rejected, in a way it’s good because I can continue being on Kindle’s select and do my own promotions and what not. There was a list of things that they had issues with, like typography or what have you, but it didn’t matter they weren’t going to put it up and I certainly wasn’t (and I’m still not), going to waste my time resubmitting.


Why? Because it took them almost a fucking year to even get back and reply to me. One year, for that.


Now I assume that if they knew this a while ago, or got around to it right away they’d just reject it within the allotted time or even sooner. “Why waste our time on this? It’s crap!” but they didn’t, it took them a year to get to sending me that letter.


So imagine yourself, if you submitting a comic, and such, and were waiting for a year to get it listed on a website such as this- without any replies, or updates- and the same excuses even after being told it would take about 8 weeks while you kept getting spammed by their circular.


Can you imagine how long you’d wait for a re-submission? Another year?? And what if it got rejected again for say, something like a spelling mistake, would you have to wait just as long then?


And who honestly cares if it’s free, I respect that it may take longer because they were swamped, but one year is just not acceptable for any business. That’s not supporting independent comics, that’s simply working under a guise that you’re supporting independent comics, or whatever while basically taking your sweet ass time due to lack of staff, poor management, whatever while potential customers, time wasted to be fixing the issues, drifts by.


To hammer home the point, even if it was accepted, I’d probably get it removed, unless they said they’d update it right away perhaps with the issue that I did correct, but even then it might’ve taken them another year to look at it, even a month is too long. One month is too damn long.


I feel I should remind you, that their “standard” time, well when I submitted it, was about 2 to 3 weeks. That’s alright I suppose- but in hindsight it’s still a while for putting out issues, and sense their performance seems to be extremely lackluster to say the least, missing publishing dates also appears to be likely.


So I cannot and will not recommend these guys for submitting your work to, it’s a waste of your time. If they take longer than their allotted time they first stated when I emailed them which was 8 weeks, that’s way too long. Anything longer for ebooks like that, regardless of the size of the company, is not acceptable.


If someone can’t cope or manage it properly, then don’t even bother doing it, it’s just going to be a lot of effort wasted on the time of the creators.



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Pop Expo 2013

So next week I’m getting four wisdom teeth removed, I don’t know exactly if I’m going to be up to doing anything or just be dazed and kinda lamenting over the pain I’m in so I suppose I’ll have to wait and see. I’m trying to get myself ready to make a little nest or base in my bed and make sure I can stay there if I need be, I’m slightly paranoid about this stuff and kind of paranoid when it comes to this kind of thing, odds are I’ll probably end up forgetting stuff anyway.

So no straws, no sucking of any kind (in case I get dry socket), no coke, nothing solid for the first couple of days, ice packs, need more toothpaste since I’m almost out… I’m sure there is more…. It’s not that close but it’s better to have this done a bit before than to rush the day before c_c;

In other news, I’ve gotten a table at Ottawa Pop Expo for Artist’s Alley, (Under the name Runie Studios), yay! It’s only December 7th to the 8th (for the moment at least), but I’m already trying to think of certain merchandise to sell, such as prints and buttons and all that. There will be special deals too! I want to do some other stuff but I’m unsure if it’s allowed or not and to be honest I think it’s a bit too early for me to start asking just yet. I’m also trying to look for an assistant of some sort- I have some people in mind but nothing is set in stone yet. I got a free pass for it too. If you’re interested, feel free to contact me through the contact page, just make sure you leave your email address and such so I can reply back to you.

If anyone wants me to have something in particular like t-shirts or what have you or even suggestions you can also contact me as well or just leave a comment in this blog or where ever it’s link has been posted.

So what else is going to be at Pop Expo? Well the Boondock Saints apparently (actually just one now, All there of them were suppose to come but who knows honestly), some stars from The Walking Dead, the Seventh Doctor from Doctor Who, uh and probably more than that. Since they update their site with new guests a lot it’s hard to say, and since it’s Pop Expo it could be anyone with a fandom. I know when I went to Comicon (which is ran by the same people), a lot of people they had there weren’t even on their website so it was kind of a surprise.

I feel I should mention of course there is going to be other Exhibitors too and since it’s still early there may be more to come o_o

Well, that’s enough plugging for now. I’m still working on Book 2 and such and I’m hoping I can get it down in a good time period. Since that’s the case I better end this now. I’ll see if I can come and put an update on my operation next week depending on how I feel, until then  😀


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I’ve been feeling kinda tired lately for absolutely no real reason. I mean I do go to bed a bit zzzzzlater compared to most people (though to be fair I’ve been doing it forever), although half the time I end up staying away for 2 or 3 hours regardless of the fact. Sometimes I’m just too hungry but I’m too tired to get up. Then I end up waking up and if I sleep anymore I end up missing the whole day. You get the idea x_x;

Why on earth am I talking about this? Because it’s starting to bug the crap out of me and it’s starting to stall my work. Just concentrating brings on this unknown malaise but later on at night I feel kind of better which is harder for me because most of the people I tend to socialize with are all on around that time and I don’t normally talk to anyone else during the rest of the day.

I suppose it could be because it’s getting sticky/hot again- it could be a factor. Or it could also be because my diet isn’t best in the world or I need more exercise. I’m sure a lot of people are this way though- so I’ve decided to take it upon myself to change my diet a bit and try to eat more regularly healthy stuff during the summer while I can since during the winter any fruit to come by is scarce. Not just fruit- veggies too! But I think I’ve had enough corn this month for a while @[email protected];;; Every day almost corn and corn! AHH!

Though when exercising I found that I actually feel worse and dedicating time to exercise for like a month and feeling this way realistically is just not practical at this point- or for most people. I’m sure people would say otherwise regardless- however being as realistic as I can I just don’t think doing that at this point would be worth it in the long run. So I’m wondering if it’s something else. I’m pretty sure it’s way I eat too but I can’t be sure.

I’m going to be going to the doctor in little more than a month uh- I think. And going to the emergency room would really be a waste of time considering the wait times there. Hopefully it’ll change up. I also tried to get supplements too today- but the stupid construction prevented me from getting that and I got lost- AH!

On a change of pace- I’ve sort of considered other things in my comic too, So I’ll start to talk about Issue 2. Which will have more detail on each character’s past- From other feedback I found there wasn’t as much in Issue 1 about it as there should be so I will be giving more detail as to what happened to each of them in the process. I was getting feedback saying that maybe I should re-draw Issue 1 but I’m not doing that again- I’m not going back and redrawing anymore chapters and such I’m just going to bite the bullet and proceed forward it’s already done and out.

I’ve still begun to plan and re-plan trying to get the fog out of my brain how to proceed with this- sometimes one cannot see the forests for the trees- so let’s say there is a FOREST o.o and you can’t see the trees.. Because.. You’re in them or something. Okay I don’t know what it really means but you probably get the idea better than I do. What was I talking about again? I forget…

Either way- I still need to get rid of this fatigue which is trying my temper x_x; So I’m gonna eat a lot of weird things and hope it works out! If not at least I’ll be really sick c_c; See you again on Friday or something! Or late Friday/early Saturday.

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Being Busy

Being busy has been taking a toll on my blogging. Normally due to lack of sleep and having to redraw certain pages have imposed it’s toll on my progress as well it’s been sort of stalling me to get to certain deadlines. I’m trying to incorporate different angles and positions but trying to think at the time when it comes down to it sort of does make it hard for me but it’s nothing new that always seems to happen.

I know what I want to do, but I just don’t know.. how to do it- I think I’m thinking too much in terms of a movie. Where I want the camera to pan around in one panel but that’s impossible at this point. Maybe in the future when they have animated pictures but not now XP So as a result I get stalled.

That and certain elements of the story I was unhappy with that needed to be re-written so it would make sense more. I still want it to be zaney but not too zaney.

That and I feel tired constantly regardless of how much sleep I get which is really starting to get on my nerves to say the least. I’m going to have to start eating more carbs or something. See ya later!

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