Zenith Book 1 now FREE!

Yes, Zenith #1 is now free! Why is it free? I’m trying something a bit different out this Dei Ex Machina: Zenith #1time and seeing how it goes. For how long it will be free? I’m not sure exactly- but it’s up for now and I will give warning before taking it down to make sure that everyone gets a chance to get it while they can!

With that said, I only ask you to do two things after you read Zenith! Uh oh here comes the catch!

  1. Please leave a comment either here, or on social media on what you thought of Dei Ex Machina: Zenith- either on here, my Facebook page or on Twitter.
  2. Tell at least one other friend about Dei Ex Machina! Now this is important, generating word of mouth is one of the hardest things to do, and I certainly can’t do it without your help! So do what you can! 😀

That’s it! As for the next book- I am still working on it yes- there will be some things you may realize are a little bit weird about it but I want to cover it for another day.

For the time being, Zenith #1 will continue to be sold as a print as well, so if you’re interested check it out! Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon! 😀


Plot Synopsis:

In a realm where horrible creatures lurk in the woods and a door way between dimensions remain unhidden, imagine what mysteries are locked away…

Ursula might be unable to rest until she has all the answers- however when given a chance to relieve her curiosity the ordeal ahead could be so absurd and outrageous she may start having second thoughts. As if it wasn’t the first time!

Ensnarement ensues in the first book of the Zenith saga from Dei Ex Machina!




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