Dei Ex Machina New Preview is here!

I suppose now is a good enough time as ever to share a teaser of my upcoming book I’ve been working on.

This new book is- in a way, a reconfiguration of Ablution. I didn’t have the webcomic finished, and it wasn’t coming out the way I wanted it to. I felt it was going in the wrong direction and some of it felt forced/corny. It didn’t seem as authentic to me and what not.

Not only that however, but the webcomic wasn’t finished and a lot of people would be confused as to who the main characters are- why they’re there, etc. That said, this book will in many ways, deal with flash backs and a very real arc occurring at the same time. It will also be the darkest arc I’ve created yet- with maybe a little tiny bit of humor here and there to prevent people from going insane. When it comes to Runie at least, humor is one of those things that goes hand in hand.

Yes, Runie will be the primary character this time around as in Ablution. If you read Zenith, some characters will be notably absent (because they haven’t arrived yet), but they will show up eventually don’t worry.

So, I plan to have this arc come out as two books, and I am trying to get them both 100 pages or more. I’m not sure how I will go about promotion yet, and if you have ideas that would be great. It will also be done in grey scale. I am doing this because, it’s cheaper for me to put out one big book of 100 pages than put out a 30 page book believe it or not. They will both be available through Amazon as print and ebooks and hopefully elsewhere.

So if you have any ideas, are good at proof reading, (REALLY GOOD, it I went over my last book 10 times with other people and still found mistakes), or want a chance to give an opinion on it/promote it- feel free to! This preview is short but I may come out with more/longer things in the future! Enjoy and have a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :D

Oh yes, and you will need a PDF reader of some kind, if you have issues try Foxit reader, that is a pretty good PDF reader!

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Zenith Book 1 now FREE!

Yes, Zenith #1 is now free! Why is it free? I’m trying something a bit different out this Dei Ex Machina: Zenith #1time and seeing how it goes. For how long it will be free? I’m not sure exactly- but it’s up for now and I will give warning before taking it down to make sure that everyone gets a chance to get it while they can!

With that said, I only ask you to do two things after you read Zenith! Uh oh here comes the catch!

  1. Please leave a comment either here, or on social media on what you thought of Dei Ex Machina: Zenith- either on here, my Facebook page or on Twitter.
  2. Tell at least one other friend about Dei Ex Machina! Now this is important, generating word of mouth is one of the hardest things to do, and I certainly can’t do it without your help! So do what you can! 😀

That’s it! As for the next book- I am still working on it yes- there will be some things you may realize are a little bit weird about it but I want to cover it for another day.

For the time being, Zenith #1 will continue to be sold as a print as well, so if you’re interested check it out! Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon! 😀


Plot Synopsis:

In a realm where horrible creatures lurk in the woods and a door way between dimensions remain unhidden, imagine what mysteries are locked away…

Ursula might be unable to rest until she has all the answers- however when given a chance to relieve her curiosity the ordeal ahead could be so absurd and outrageous she may start having second thoughts. As if it wasn’t the first time!

Ensnarement ensues in the first book of the Zenith saga from Dei Ex Machina!




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Well I’ve been working on Ablution still- and I suppose it might be a good idea to try to differentiate the content between the two series since Ablution is for more mature audiences. This will change in the future though depending on the stories that’re beblack and white example 1ing put out so, it’s kind of nipping it in the bud and what not.

Another thing is- that due to a lot of positive feedback I’ve been getting- the next book is going to be mostly in black and white. This is because I find that I can do it a lot and finish it a lot faster and add more content and detail, and a lot of people are telling me they like it a whole lot more, so to give you an idea what it may look like, something similar to the image on the right. And kids- don’t hack!

So I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback on that- and I will be continue the same winter/xmas special at a later date, so stay tuned for that.

Although I do enjoy coloring- I find that this sort of gives me a new insight and faster production time as well. So hopefully this will all get done in a better timely manner rather than the snail pace I’ve been keeping lately.

Until the next post, keep your eyes on twitter and what not- I’ll probably end up posting an upcoming promotion soon so come back every so often just to check! 😀



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News update: on all sorts of stuff

I’m still working on book 3- an illness I had about a month ago did set me back a bit-so hopefully now I’ll finally get on track. The ablution web comic also started up but it’s impact on my work isn’t anywhere near as great so that’s also a good thing. I also placed a link for it up above under Free stuff! If not just click this link!

The web comic for now will remain under a sunday publish time (well, Sunday Midnight which might still be saturday for people so-) Although if it changes I will mention it! thanks!

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Dei Ex Machina: Ablution

Dei Ex Machina: Ablution

So, Dei Ex Machina: Ablution should be up tonight at Midnight Eastern- but I’m not clear on the exact clock work on my site- it might even be up sooner than that! So I want you to feel more than free to check it out if you’d like, I also got a new URL for it as well at or whichever you’d like!

Now I feel I should warn you as well- the site is still under construction so if anything weird happens at all when you go visit- please feel free to clear your cache/close your browser whatever or wait 10 minutes and show up again. If there any issues I’m sure I’ll either post it here, or on twitter!

Or if you’d like just come here for any news! I will also be posting an update notification here whenever the comic is updated.

Now I should WARN you, that this particular comic will probably contain more mature content than Zenith does- such as course language, mild nudity- etc. So if that’s something you have an issue with for whatever reason then uh, don’t read it.

Other than that enjoy! Please feel free to leave a comment, tell your friends- etc 😀



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Webcomic News!

So, the webcomic I have been working on will probably be coming out June 1st 2014. Dei Ex Machina: Ablution


As I mentioned, it will be mostly focused on Runie’s first arrival to the complex, and will hopefully answer more questions about some of her past including some of the concepts of the Clearing/Complex universe as well.


Some characters however, won’t be present because they haven’t arrived yet- like Rosalie and Stone for example. The ones who will be there though will be Warden, Elise, Lina, Ursula (I know a lot of people seem to like Ursula), Carlos and Daniel. So depending on your concept of time this could be considered to have happened pretty far in the past.


Now, I’m sure some people may be disappointed- needless to say every character is going to have their story get told eventually! So if you’re Rosalie fan, or what have you, I’ll eventually get around to her story too.


As for update frequency, I would like to say at least once a week and be focused on that. I’ve already started a newsletter so if you want to keep up to date on anything that uh goes wrong or doesn’t please feel more than free to sign up- or just sign up with twitter or facebook from the links provided on my profile.


Thanks and I look forward to seeing you! 😀

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The comicbook industry, too niche or too stagnant?

Author’s note: I wrote this sometime before the announcement from Archie comics that Oh- SPOILER ALERT!!****

-they had plans for killing him at the end of “life of archie” or whichever to show how his final fate. However, I pretty much believe it’s another device to try to reel in ‘new readers’ without actually changing anything storywise.  But anyway, food for thought! I’m sure at the rate they’re going though; they’ll ever ultimately get there at the end anyway considering Archie’s been in highschool for the past 70 years. 😛


I was thinking lately about the state of the comic industry, and how people have been talking about how it ‘isn’t what it used to be’. In terms mostly of the early 90s or even the early 40s (the golden age of comics) and I was starting to consider and think why this is…

I’ve had some conversation with some of my peers, who feel similar to how I do in various aspects in regards to the business model of Marvel, DC and other publishers such as Image for example.

Although, it seems as if Marvel and DC have a big chunk of market share, the evolution of self published and independent publishers is becoming more frequent, unfortunately from what I seen anyway, far from revolutionary.

Marvel and DC seem to have this tendency of holding on to the same stories, and a more recent any irritating tendency or rebooting them. Before it happened once, but now it seems every 5 years they feel compelled to reboot their long running series such as Spider-man or in a recent case, DC’s ‘new’ 52 (it’s probably more than that now but anyway), to help induct additional readers.

Readers for the most part who really just buy these new issues mainly due to the fact that they’re curious to see how they will take a new approach, however, within about 4 or 5 issues drop the book anyway due to the fact it runs the same old formula.

What is that formula? Well, the formula which large amount of North American books follow and have followed since forever (though not all but the majority of them), super hero comics.

Now this doesn’t mean they’re all like that, or that superheroes are bad. They’re just a story genre/plot device which is far over used within the comic book industry. So much so, I’m sure many people think that comic books can’t be about anything else unless it’s about superheroes; otherwise it’s not a comic book. It’s a “graphic novel” or a “manga” or whatever they’d like to call it, to get away from that stigma.

However, that’s where we get people saying “Why not call it what it is,” well, mostly to get away from that label. But this is the key you see- for example, why is the manga industry never mentioned when commenting on the down turn of American comics? Some people say it’s a different market, not really in the target of companies like Marvel or DC. But DC did make CMX (which failed), in an effort to tap it- by publishing Japanese manga but why did it really fail?

In case most people didn’t know- manga has almost little to no “traditional” superheroes in the traditional sense of the word. A large amount of manga out there, is romance/drama which is a niche American comics doesn’t even touch or go into, not to the extent of manga. A lot of Japanese manga also is ‘slice of life’, like about student life for example, or even people who are working in a part time job setting, or people talking about whatever. Most main stream comics don’t touch that either, but a lot of manga dives deep into it.

Although manga gives a different flavor too compared to American comics, and although it had a different reason subsiding from the retail market (it hasn’t really gone away, it’s just went elsewhere), are different from American comics, it’s easy to see why so many people who read manga weren’t really into American comics in the first place. Not only also because of mature content/themes but ideas and genres that just weren’t touched by ‘traditional’ American comic standards.

Although, there are people who just like it only because it’s Japanese, a lot of people also enjoyed it because it was different/new. This has been shunned until fairly recently within the last 7 years or so, probably even more than that because fans of manga and other independent comics started to join the industry as well.

However Marvel and DC seem to still not be interested in appealing to this interest. Why? I’m not sure but considering the fact the totality of their existence is superheroes may have something to do with that. But not wanting to change or refusing to change often doesn’t bode well for any industry or company, and unfortunately either they give in, or end up disappearing themselves due to other trend setters which are also joining up within the industry.

I’m sure it seems as if I’m picking on Marvel and DC, but really when it comes to comics these guys are the gorillas in the room so to speak. And although they do have a giant part of the market share, nonetheless it’s shrinking. Will they do something different and new? archie1Honestly, I don’t know, probably not. I’m sure there will always be fans of Spider-man and Superman out there, but I don’t think it will be nearly to the extent as it was in the past or the future where it warranted them to have several different series of the same character.

Unfortunately, due to their size, monopolizing themselves to only superhero comics isn’t really a privilege they can realistically use anymore, that’s why they’re losing so much money. Not due to bad storylines, but due to worn out concepts which they keep selling in new packages…




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